Your mental wellbeing

Help when you’re not OK

If you’re particularly stressed or just not yourself right now, you’re not alone. If you think your mental wellbeing has dipped recently — because of work, things at home, or anything else — you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to support you.

How we can help you with your mental wellbeing 

Get in touch free, at any time of the day or night for a wide range of support. Everything is confidential and totally independent.

You can ask us for:

    • A listening ear 24/7  You’re never alone and can talk to us through live chat, video call or on the phone. Whatever makes you comfortable, including access to a deaf British Sign Language (BSL) member of the team. 
    • Counselling or therapy You could get up to 5 sessions with a suitable therapist. The Therapist will work with you to reflect on what you do well, set goals and through collaboration will work towards achieving your goals. The therapist can be a person of colour if you prefer and you can speak to them on the phone or via video call.
    • Bereavement counselling after the loss of a loved one Grief can be overwhelming and really knock your confidence, so it’s best to get support.
    •  Other talking treatments If you need another type of therapy, but can’t afford it at the moment, we may be able to contribute to the cost.
    • Expert advice on bullying, harassment or discrimination This can be complex and traumatic. Whether you want to report the incident or not, we can help you to process what’s happened and navigate your next steps.

Tailored support with work and wellbeing

Life and work don’t always run smoothly. You may be up against barriers that stop you moving up in your career, or you could be returning to work after a break due to illness, raising a family, or caring for loved ones. Whatever the issue, our friendly work and wellbeing advisors can help.

You can work closely with our advisors over a 3 month period to see what’s holding you back, think through the options and get back on track. There’s support and guidance with anything from debt to housing to mental health worries. We can also sort out career guidance with friendly professionals, who have lots of experience in our industry, including managing and hiring.

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The British Sign Language team are available 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.
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Welcome to the Film and Television Charity. Calls are recorded for the purposes of quality and staff training. This is a confidential service, however, there are some exceptions to this and these are where there may be a risk to your own health and safety, that of others or if you have been involved in a crime. An advisor will be with you shortly, Thank You.

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Help with wellbeing and freelance life

Freelancers face their own unique set of challenges. That’s why we’ve created the Freelancer Wellbeing Hub. It’s especially for people freelancing in film and TV— so you should feel right at home.

Here, you can complete your Wellbeing Check-In quiz, to get tailored tips and advice for managing common industry stressors, plus you’ll find plenty of information to support your wellbeing at work.

Visit the Freelancer Hub

Wellbeing Resource Directory

We’ve also curated a list of mental health and wellbeing resources in our Wellbeing Directory that we think you’ll find useful. Whether it’s for you, a colleague or your production team, you’ll find videos, tips, ideas and guides.

Check out the support resources

Best Practice for Mental Health Training

In partnership with ScreenSkills and other industry experts, we’ve developed guidance relating to mental health training for employers, freelancers and anyone with line management responsibilities. It’s a direct response to research conducted for the Film and TV Charity and is available on the ScreenSkills website. The guidance is designed to provide a framework or overview of the different areas of training that could be considered when putting together a mental health training plan for staff and/or freelance teams.

View the Screenskills guidance